The philosophy of physical education departments is to educate everyone and raise the standards of all with the hope of instilling enjoyment and encouraging persons to carry on in the field, give girls an opportunity to meet better companions, and become better mothers by being able to play with their children and enjoy their fun and entertainment." 

Germaine Guiot, 1957

Germaine Guiot (1893-1978) was born in New York City and received a three-year certificate (1914) from the Sargent School of Education (Boston College), a B.S. (1925) and M.S. (1934) from the University of Michigan, and a PhD (1940) from New York University.

She was head of the Lab School Department at Western Michigan (1914-1926); head of the Physical Education for Women Department at the University of Southern California (1926-1938); and head of the Iowa State University's Women's Physical Education Department (1940-1958).

She held several regional and national offices in physical education and recreation organizations, was a fellow in the American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and received an ISU Faculty Citation in 1962.


"She said her first interest in sports came during her junior high school years.  Dr. Guiot used to stand and watch men play tennis on the courts near her home, and after dusk came, they used to allow her to hit a few balls on the court.  She says she has always liked sports and from that time she first played tennis, she wanted to develop a profession in physical education."

Iowa State Daily, 1957


Dr. Guiot was an active worker in the Girl Scout movement and the West Story County Red Cross.  She instituted the Girl Scout Program at Kalamazoo during her work there.  She was also the first director of land sports at Gulich Camps in Maine, and was director of the entire sporting program at Camp bryn afon in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

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