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Ada Hayden (1884-1950) was born on August 14, 1884 in Ames, Iowa. She earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D degrees at Iowa State University. She also earned an M.S. from Washington University in St. Louis. Hayden was the first woman to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Iowa State University. She was an Instructor in Botany from 1910-1918, an Assistant Professor of Botany from 1919-1950, and was named Curator of the Herbarium in 1947. 

Ada's Work with Iowa Prairies

"The prairie itself has intrinsic merits aside from its bearing with reference to crop insurance. It presents a colorful display of flowering plants throughout the growing season; it is the potential source of economic plants whose uses have not yet been explored. It affords opportunity for the study of the life histories of animals, the knowledge of which has a practical bearing upon their integration with the agricultural environment. It serves as a standard of reference for landscaping, it constitutes type specimens of the native vegetation and soil associations, and provides living examples of the fauna and flora which are indispensable in educational work."

The Ada Hayden Herbarium

During her time at Iowa State she added more than 40,000 specimens to the herbarium. In 1988 the herbarium was named the Ada Hayden Herbarium in honor of its former curator.




Hayden Prairie (Howard County, Iowa)

After her death a prairie preserve in Howard County, Iowa, was named the Ada Hayden Prairie Preserve by the Iowa Conservation Commission.

The Iowa Rose
By Ada Hayden

Beyond the Mississippi
Where the slow Missouri flows,
In the land of the Des Moines River
There blooms the Iowa Rose;
Not in the early springtime,
Not when the gold leaves fall,
But the summer's radiant sunshine
The rose from the rosebud calls.

See also: Radio Broadcast Interview of Ada Hayden; Martha's Afternoon Program (WOI)--July 3, 1946

Research and Interests

Works by Ada Hayden:

The algal flora of the Missouri Botanical Garden (1910) (Special Collections C X H324a)

(Co-author) The weed flora of Iowa. Des Moines: Iowa Geological Survey, 1913. (SB612.I8 P19w)

The Prairie Project

The Rose

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