Iowa State University first celebrated Homecoming in 1912.  Since then, thousands of alumni have returned to Iowa State to visit with old friends and reminisce about the good old days while watching the football game and participating in other activities. 


Crowd cheering at the football game. 1929.



It was during the 1954 Homecoming Celebration that Cy was introduced to the world.  Ever since, his birthday has been celebrated during Homecoming.


Cy's first birthday!

Cy at Homecoming 1955.  Student section of Clyde Williams Field is in the background. 


It didn’t take long for the student body to embrace Cy.  By Homecoming 1955, he’d been incorporated into numerous lawn displays.  1955. 


Homecoming. 1956.






Homecoming Queen Gwen Frederick, Cy, and Cy’s Favorite Alum, H.D. “Pete” Wilson.  1970. 






L-R:  Cy, General Co-Chair Marty Eby, Cy’s Favorite Alum Bob Eddy, General Co-Chair Terry Helphrey.  Homecoming 1987.