Iowa State University has long been known for its focus on botany and horticulture, with classes offered to the first class of 1872.

The mission of the Special Collections Department in the Iowa State University Library is to provide primary research resources for the campus community and beyond.  The Department possesses a significant collection of rare books dedicated to botany and entomology.   This virtual exhibit, which originally was a presentation at the University's Reiman Gardens (February 2003), provides online digital access to rare and unique images otherwise restricted except to Reading Room visitors.  Images and additional information will be added as time permits.

The rare book collection of botanical volumes also continues to grow, with its most recent acquisition being Walter Charleton's (1619-1707) Gualteri Charletoni Exercitationes de Differentiis & Nominibus Animalium. Quibus accedunt Mantissa Anatomica, Et quaedam De variis Fossilium generibus, Deque differentiis & nominibus Colorum. Editio secunda, duplo fere auctior priori novisque iconibus ornata (1677).  This work should be available to researchers by late 2003.

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