First Families of Iowa State

The Special Collections Department at the Iowa State University Library would like to share images from the University Archives collection that depict the families of our faculty and Presidents through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  

ca. 1910
Friends Forever

Florence Storms Young (daughter of Albert Boynton Storms, President: 1903-1910) and Jeanette Knapp Stoddard (daughter of Seaman Asahel Knapp, President: 1882-1884)

Campus Kids' Fourth of July

Back Row: David Lennox, Seaman Knapp, Guy Horton, Charlie Beardshear

Second Row: Edna Pammel, Hermine Knapp, Doris Pammel, Lois Pammel, Constance Beardshear, Nellie Noble, Ruth Curtiss, Charles Meeker, Gertrude Edgerton, Gertrude Lennox

Seated: Morrill Martson, Ernest McKay, Margaret Meeker, Rachel Weems, Byron Knapp, Margaret Noble

ca. 1899

Jessie Noble Hunt
(married Leigh Smith John Hunt, President: 1885-1886)

Florence M. Storms Young 
(Daughter of Albert Boynton Storms, President: 1903-1910)


The Beardshear Family


William Miller Beardshear was Iowa State's 5th President and under his guidance, the University truly came of age.  From left to right: Bill Beardshear, Charlie Beardshear, Harrison Kepler, Minnie Muckler Kepler (Class of 1896), Mrs. Beardshear, and Metta Beardshear Burt in 1899.

Campus Kids in the Barnyard

ca. 1900

Barn in back of the Parker House (Cranford Annex), located near what is now Stanton Avenue across from campus

Left to right:

Charlie Beardshear (son: William Miller Beardshear, President: 1891-1902), George McKay (father: Professor McKay, Dairying), Constance Beardshear Moye (daughter: William Miller Beardshear), Ernest McKay (son: Professor McKay), Guy Horton (mother: bookkeeper in Mr. Knapp's office), Max Hoover (father: worked on the college grounds) and Bill Beardshear (son: William Miller Beardshear)

The Pearson Family

President Raymond Allen Pearson (1912-1926); mother, Mrs. Pearson; daughter Ruth Markham Pearson; and wife Alice Dunsford Pearson.  Photograph taken in Humboldt, Iowa, at the Glen Acre Farm, ca. 1920.


The Parks Family

Dr. W. Robert Parks (b. 1915), his wife, Dr. Ellen Sorge Parks, and daughters, Andrea and Cynthia.  Under the leadership of Dr. Parks, Iowa State experienced the most dramatic growth in enrollment, academic programs and physical facilities in its history.  He served as President of Iowa State from 1965 to 1986.




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