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ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming

Title: "Welcome Alumni" Homecoming Sign
Date: 1923
Description: "Welcome Alumn" sign for homecoming at the entrance of Iowa State University.
Image ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1661-01-02


  Title: Marching Band Formation
Date: 1974
Description: Iowa State University Marching Band forms "I State" on the football field during half-time.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-09-02-1
ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming
Title: Homecoming Coffee Hour
Date: 1966
Description: People mingling during homecoming alumni coffee hour.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-02-01
  Title: Homecoming Dance
Date: 1965
Description: Students dancing at the homecoming dance. The band is playing in the background.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1665-07-02-8
ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming
Title: Homecoming Push Ball Game
Date: 1978
Description: Students waiting for the push-ball game to begin.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-10-05-6A

Title: Homecoming Football Game
Date: 1985
Description: Player 32 in motion.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-12-03-36A


ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming
Title: Yell-Like-Hell Homecoming
Date: 1987
Description: Winning Yell-Like-Hell Skit. In 1987, first place went to Alpha Kappa Alpha / Delta Sigma Phi; second place went to Alpha Phi / FarmHouse; and third place went to Phi Delta Theta / Delta Tau Delta.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-13-01
  Title: Cy's Favorite Alum
Date: 1987
Description: Cy and the Homecoming Co-Chairs (Marty Epy and Terry Helphrey) present Bob Eddy as Cy's Favorite Alum, during half-time.
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1666-13-02
ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming

Title: Homecoming Pep Barbecue Entertainment
Date: 1956
Description: Dancers on stage spelling Homecoming.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1651-10-1.



  Title: Homecoming Pep Queen and Attendants
Date: 1951
Description: Homecoming queen and attendants from left to right: Bonnie Helfrich, Doris Blair, Ann Bradley.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1651-3-1
ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming
Title: Homecoming Co-Chairmen
Date: 1954
Description: Homecoming Co-Chairmen Jerry Whittlesey and Dave LeBuhn beside victory bell.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1651-8-3
  Title: Homecoming Yard Display, Delta Tau Delta
Date: 1950
Description: Delta Tau Delta's yard display for homecoming.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1662-4-8
ISU Homecoming   ISU Homecoming
Title: Homecoming Files
Date: 1951
Description: Homecoming general chairman Ray Follette and public relations chairman Dick Sperring checking alumni files.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1662-5-1

Title: Homecoming Alumni Luncheon Board
Date: 1954
Description: People viewing a banner at homecoming's alumni luncheon.
Image ID: 22-7-G.Homecoming.1662-9-7

ISU Homecoming  


Iowa State University Homecoming

Title: Homecoming Pep Queen and Attendants
Date: 1945
Description: Pep Queen (Betha Giffei) sits between Betty Lou Anderson and Lucille Saunders on a wooden fence. The women are wearing letter sweaters and Giffei has the words "Pep Queen 1945" sewn onto the "I" on her sweater.
Image ID: 12-10-Homecoming 1945.

Title: Homecoming Bonfire
Date: 1948
Description: Crowd watching the homecoming bonfire.
Image ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1650-07-05




Iowa State University Homecoming   Iowa State University Homecoming

Title: Homecoming Queen
Date: 1972
Description: Diana Herbst, Homecoming Queen
ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1652-04-01





Title: Homecoming Parade Float
Date: 1923
Description: Parade float shaped like a football on wheels displays the words "Fight AMES Fight."
Image ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1661-01-01


Iowa State University Homecoming   Iowa State University Homecoming
Title: Crowd at Homecoming Football Game
Date: 1929
Description: Crowd in the stands at the homecoming football game.
Image ID: 22-07-G-Homecoming-1650-02-03
  Title: Homecoming Pajama Relay
Date: 1948
Description: Students participating in the pajama relay before the Homecoming pep rally.
Image ID:22-7-G.Homecoming.1662-2-6




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