Twentieth Century Women of Iowa State


The year 2001 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Margaret Sloss, and the 20th anniversary of the Iowa State Women's Center, appropriately located in Sloss House, on the main campus.  In light of these two events, this exhibit is intended to highlight the many and varied contributions of women staff, faculty, and students with an Iowa State connection.  Iowa State was coed with its first class of 1872, and it is important to not forget the unique experiences of the women who taught, studied and worked here.  We are taking this opportunity to honor Dr. Margaret Sloss and other Iowa State women who have contributed so much to the campus community--through their lives fully lived, they can inspire the current generation of Iowa State students to truly become their best.

There are four main components of this exhibit, in addition to the introduction:  The List of Women; The History of Women at Iowa State; Resources for Studying Women's History; and A Bibliography (for women's history).

Other individuals will be added to the list in the upcoming months, including Frances Carlin, Carrie Chapman Catt, Beverly Crabtree, Jacqueline DuPont, Ercel Eppright, Mary Ann Evans, Beverly Everett, Florence Fallgatter, Suzanne Hendrich, Helen LeBaron Hilton, Catherine MacKay, Lenora Moragne, Rosanne Potter, Jessie Field Shambaugh, Edith and Gertrude Sunderlin, Lois Tiffany, Mary B. Welch, Alda and Elmina Wilson, Meron Wondwosen, and others.

Do you have a recommendation for an Iowa State woman (staff, faculty, student or alumni) who has made a unique contribution and should be included?  Please let us know at

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Twentieth Century Women of Iowa State University