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Iowa State's Campanile

Images of the Campanile

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Installation of the bells

Tenor bell (first to be placed)
August 19, 1929


The 2nd (D) bell comes down
July 19, 1929
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View from campanile
July 26, 1929

In the background: Botany Hall (now Catt Hall), center

The old bells are all out but the debris & some of the wooden framework are apparent.


View from campanile

Taken from the northeast corner.  Memorial Union in the distance.

Bell rising in the tower
August 19, 1929

Air pressure was booted to 95#, but twice on the way up it was necessary to wait for the pressure to rebuild.

In the distance, Botany Hall (now Catt Hall)


Installing the bells
August 19, 1929

Easing the package off the hoist outs an intermediate platform with a differential hoist and rollers.

The tenor bell
August 19, 1929

This load with several men was rocked up and down to test the hoist.

The hoist shaft

The carriage is six square feet; the shaft is of 4x4s braced with 2x6s; 8 foot sections; 96-100 feet high.


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