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The Iowa State baseball diamond  has been ushered around campus nearly as many times as away games its team plays each season. It is unknown where exactly games were played before the establishment of the first formal diamond in 1895, which was located west of Morrill Hall and called "Old State Field." 

baseballfieldwithdinkey1910.jpg (97909 bytes)
Baseball field with trolley in background, possible taken from Marston Hall ca. 1910 [click for enlarged version]

In 1914 the field was moved closer to the State Gym and located just northeast of the track in the new State Field (later Clyde Williams Field). When stadium seating was erected for football in 1926, baseball shifted again, just a little east of the stadium into the area now occupied by a parking lot west of Helser Hall.

In 1957 the diamond moved to the area west of Town Engineering off the north end of Sheldon Avenue that is a parking lot today. 

oldfield.jpg (21101 bytes)
Early baseball field - note tennis courts in foreground and horticulture orchard behind the diamond. Possibly taken from the new water tower. [click for enlarged version]


In 1968 the team moved homeplate to its current location, south of campus at the end of Knapp Street.  With this move, the University took measures to ensure a long-lasting stay. They installed underground drainage and watering systems, built a practice diamond just below it, and constructed the team's first dugouts.

Upon his retirement in 1974, the University recognized long-time coach L.C. "Cap" Timm by naming the new field in his honor. 

"Cap" Timm Field

[For more about the layout of the Iowa State campus see: Day, H. Summerfield. The Iowa State University Campus and its Buildings 1859-1979. Ames, Iowa.1980]