Help us preserve our heritage.

If you have old Iowa menus, brochures, or flyers, a collection of Iowa cookbooks, or your grandmother's handwritten recipe book, please consider donating them to the Iowa State Univerisity, Iowa Cookbook Collection. Old Menus, brochures, and recipes are invaluable for scholars. We will preserve them and make them available to researchers from around the world.


If you have questions concerning the
Iowa Cookbook Collection in the Iowa State University Library, please contact please contact the Special Collections Department
Phone: 515-294-6672

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The Iowa Cookbook Collection documents cookery in Iowa, as presented in cookbooks produced by Iowans, be they individuals, organizations, companies, or institutions.

Locating Iowa cookbooks at the Iowa State University Library

To locate the Iowa cookbooks available in Quick Search, use the following search terms and choose "in subject" from the dropdown menu under "anywhere in the record."