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If you have old Iowa menus, brochures, or flyers, a collection of Iowa cookbooks, or your grandmother's handwritten recipe book, please consider donating them to the Iowa State Univerisity, Iowa Cookbook Collection. Old Menus, brochures, and recipes are invaluable for scholars. We will preserve them and make them available to researchers from around the world.


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1860s & 70s
1869 Iowa State College formally open for admission
1872 Curriculum of human nutrition starts
1872 ISU becomes the first land grant institution to offer domestic economy for college credit
1876 Domestic econmy opened first experimental kitchen in a U.S. college
1880s & 90s
1884 Graduate work first offered in domestic economy
1885 Home Ec leaves basement of Main Building to portion of South Hall (former home of President Welch)
1896 Home Ec moves to 2nd floor of North Hall; adjoined Margaret Hall; social center of campus; future site of MacKay
1896 Home Ec offered as an elective to men for first time
1898 FS HN officially begins; named the Department of Dairying
1900s & 10s
1900 E. Beatty's thesis on Indian corn considered first effort at scentific investigation with food at ISU
1910 Home Economics Association of Iowa created
1910 Home Economics Club established
1912 Name change to Home Economics official at ISU
1913 Department of Home Economics made a division
1920s & 30s
1921 The Iowa Homemaker begins publication
1922 First VEISHA held
1922 Maples Tea Room established
1924 Nursery School established - begins Child Care and Training Course
1925 Homemaker's Half Hour (radio program) begins
1926 Home Ec. Hall finished; cost: $540,000; incorporated Domestic Technology Building
1926 Home Economics Club records 450 members
1928 Ph.D. in Nutrition established
1928 Mildred Day, future co-inventor of Rice Krispie Treats, graduates from ISU
1933 First federal government training for state supervised to meet special needs of the depression
1938 Margaret Hall destroyed by fire
1940s & 50s
1940 Ph.D. in Foods established
1947 75th Anniversary of Division of Home Economics
1948 The Food Processing Laboratory built at a cost of $18,743
1953 Renamed Department of Food and Nutrition
1954 Cy named first ISU mascot
1956 Work started on new addition of Home Ec. Hall
1958 Undergraduate major in Food Technology becomes available
1959 Home Economics established as college when ISU reorganizes as a university
1960s & 70s
1962 Women's hours extended to midnight except freshmen
1967 First Ph.D. awarded in Child Development at ISU
1974 Department of Home Economics Studies established
1980s to 2000
1990 Merges with Department of Food Technology in the College of Agriculture to form Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
1998 Dietetic Internship earns ADA accredidation
2000 ISU/FSHN works with industry to develop foods for extended space travel for NASA