Moving Up Ceremony

Moving up, 1924

Moving Up Ceremony, 1924


In an effort to foster class pride, VEISHEA 1923 organizers added a mock graduation moving up ceremony where each class advanced to the next level: seniors became alumni, juniors became seniors, sophomores became juniors, and freshmen became sophomores. Due to the harassment upperclassmen bestowed on them, those easily identifiable, beanie-clad freshmen particularly looked forward to the rite of passage bonfire where the beanies worn by every male every day since they were issued at the beginning of the year were burned, along with a large model of a beanie in a bonfire, signifying they were no longer underclassmen. The ritual ended in 1934 due to lack of interest.


Moving up, 1923

Moving Up Ceremony, 1924


Moving up, 1926

Burning of the freshman caps, 1926