The first VEISHEA, held May 11-13, 1922, set the pattern for all of the following VEISHEA celebrations. A committee, the VEISHEA Central Committee, was formed to plan the event. The committee consisted of a faculty adviser and a member of the Cardinal Guild (student government), Women's Guild, and each of the five divisions of the college. The theme was "All College," signifying the harmony amongst the five divisions. The celebration included many of the activities found in the divisional celebrations: a May Fete was held in honor of the May Day Festival and included the May Queen and pageant; the engineering students continued the knighting of the senior engineers into the Knights of the Order of St. Patrick; and the carnival and vaudeville show were brought in from the Ag Carnival.

1st Program

First VEISHEA Program, 1922


May Fete, 1927

May Fete, 1927


St. Pat 1926

St. Patrick and the Engineer's Lady holding court, VEISHEA 1926

That year, 33 departments held open house exhibits, the baseball team hosted the University of Nebraska, and ROTC held a mock battle. The parade theme was "History of Iowa State as it is Today," and the parade marshals were the deans of the five divisions. The Dairy Department won the prize for most attractive float entered in the parade.

Banner, 1922 Dairy Float, 1922

Dairy Department float, winner of the most attractive float for the first VEISHEA


Students wrote and performed the Nite Show (forerunner to Stars Over VEISHEA) "Scandals of 1922", which consisted of musical and comedic acts.

Nite Show Program

Program for the 1922 VEISHEA Nite Show, Scandals of 1922