Catt Hall, ca. 1904
Catt Hall, ca. 1904.

Agricultural Hall
Botany Hall
Old Botany

Built : 1892

Addition : 1903

Agricultural Hall, as it was originally called, was built four stories tall with a basement level, which was designed for the Horticulture department. The ground-level exterior of the building was built to allow one to drive a team of horses in, unload horticultural supplies into the basement, and drive out the other side. The building also housed the Chemistry and Agricultural departments, and included a livestock room where live farm animals were brought in to be studied.

In 1903, an addition was built on the north side, the Farm Mechanics and Soil Physics building. Agricultural Engineering moved out of Agricultural Hall and into its new building in 1922. The Botany department moved in during 1928 and the building was renamed Botany Hall. During 1967-1968, the Botany department moved out and the Psychology department took its place. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Demolition of Old Botany was considered several times, but the decision to begin a $5 million renovation and rename the building to Carrie Chapman Catt Hall was made in 1992. Catt was an Iowa State graduate (1880) who went on to be a major leader in the women's suffrage movement.

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Catt Hall, 1904. Catt Hall, 1914. Catt Hall, 1955.

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