From Prairie Sod to Campus Cornerstones

South Hall 01
South Hall, 1879

Built: 1868-1869

Burned: 1912

The first college president's home, South Hall stood on Union Drive, east of where the Memorial Union now stands. President Welch moved into South Hall during 1869, and an addition was built in 1871. In 1879, the Welches moved to the Gables, and the Botany and Veterinary Medicine departments moved in. The house was renovated for use by the Domestic Economy Department in 1880. The house was damaged by tornado in 1882. Beginning in 1896, the building served as the Music Hall until it was destroyed by fire in 1912.

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South Hall 02 South Hall 03 South Hall 04
South Hall, no date. South Hall fire, northwest view,    January 5, 1912        South Hall, west-northwest view, no date.

History of Campus Buildings at Iowa State University

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