MacKay Hall, no date
MacKay Hall, no date.


Home Economics Building
Domestic Technology Building

Built: 1910-1911, 1925-26

By 1914, three years after completion of the Home Economics Building, a new building was needed to accommodate rapidly increasing enrollments. The funds for the new building weren't available until 1924. The design of the new building was to use the original building as a west wing, and build a new center section and east wing to match the original west wing. The new center and east sections were built out of limestone, and the original brick of the west section was covered over with the limestone to match. The auditorium was named Catherine J. MacKay Auditorium in 1926 for the Dean of Home Economics from 1913 to her death in 1921. The entire building was named for her in 1957. Another addition was proposed in 1945, and the funds were finally available in 1955. The addition, built west and south of the original, was named LeBaron Hall in 1975. There have been various remodeling through the years.

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MacKay Hall 02 MacKay Hall 03 MacKay Hall 04
MacKay Hall, 1914. MacKay Hall, 1926. MacKay Hall, 1910.
MacKay Hall 05 MacKay Hall 06
MacKay Hall, 1948. MacKay Hall construction, 1925.

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