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Farm House, no date
Farm House, no date.

Built: 1860-1865

The Farm House was the first building built on the new college land. It was built by day labor, and the bricks used were made on site. The first tenant was William A. Fitzpatrick, from 1861-1863, and since then 17 families have lived in the house. In 1909, a stucco coating was used over the original brick. In 1965, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Extensive repair and restoration to its 1900-1910 appearance began in 1972. In 1999, the roof was repaired, the west porch was restored, and new stucco was applied.

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Farmhouse 02 Farmhouse 03 Farmhouse 04
Farm House, no date. Farm House, 1908. Farm House, 1911.
Farmhouse 05 Farmhouse 06
Farm House, 1932. Farm House, 1974.

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