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Osborn Cottage, 1926.

Built: 1882-1883

Built as a residence for professors, the first resident was Herbert Osborn, an instructor in zoology and entomology. Osborn was not the intended first occupant, the house was built originally for a professor and his wife. When the wife arrived from Boston, she promptly refused to live in the home because of the remoteness, so they moved into a home in Ames.

In 1968, the Foreign Student Services, Student Alumni Association, and Landscape Architecture department began using the building. The Honors Program began using the building in 1976.

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Osborn Cottage 02                          Osborn Cottage 03
Osborn Cottage, ca. 1908.
Woman is Mrs. Spray, housekeeper.
Osborn Cottage, 1944.
Home of B. H. Platt at this time.

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