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Morrill Hall
Morrill Hall, 1891.  View from east.

Built: 1890-1891

Morrill Hall was constructed to fill the need for a library and museum, as well as a chapel. Named to honor the Senator who had sponsored the Morrill bill, which had established the land-grant college system, Morrill Hall was built at a cost of less than $30,000. Since its construction, it has been home to zoology, entomology, and geology classes and labs, Agriculture Extension Offices, the Printing Office, Photo Service, and even a barber shop from 1905-1908. Morrill Hall has been vacant since 1996, when it was deemed unsafe. Renovation on Morrill Hall began in 2005 and is expected to be completed in 2007. The projected cost of the renovation is $9,000,000, most of which came from private donations. Morrill Hall will house the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, the Center for Visual Learning in Textiles and Clothing, and the Christian Petersen Art Museum.

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Morrill Hall Morrill Hall Morrill Hall
Morrill Hall, no date. Morrill Hall, ca. 1904. Morrill Hall, ca. 1910.
Morrill Hall Morrill Hall Morrill Hall
Morrill Hall, 1911. Old Main and Morrill Hall, no date. Morrill Hall and Margaret Hall, no date.

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